What To Know About Property Values and RefinancingThere are many people who are thinking about refinancing their homes. For example, some people may be interested in reducing their monthly payments, while other people may be interested in tapping into the value of the home to fund a home improvement project. What is the relationship between property values and refinancing? There are several important points to keep in mind. 

Property Values Tend To Rise

First, it is important for homeowners to understand that property values tend to rise during the life of a mortgage. For example, someone may purchase a home valued at $250,000. Then, fifteen years later, the home might be valued at $350,000. This might mean that homeowners have access to an extra $100,000 in equity. They might use some of this money to put towards a new home when they sell their current home. Or, they might refinance their home and access that equity to complete a home improvement project. 

Monthly Payments Might Go Up

If homeowners decide to refinance their houses and take all of the equity out of the home, they might be starting their 30-year mortgage over again. Then, because the property is worth more money, they may end up with a higher monthly payment. That is why homeowners need to work with a professional who can help them figure out how the refinancing process may impact their finances in the future.

Why Property Values May Rise

There are several reasons why property values may go up. First, there might not be enough homes in the local area. Therefore, the ones that are available might be worth more money. The popularity of a specific location might increase as well. There might be a new company moving to the area with attractive job opportunities. Finally, home improvements might also increase the value of the property. 

Why Refinancing Might Make Sense

There are several reasons why it might be a good idea to refinance a home. First, homeowners might use some of the equity to pay off existing debt, such as medical bills. Some homeowners like to refinance their homes to reduce their monthly payments with a lower interest rate. Finally, there are homeowners who refinance to complete home renovation projects. 


The Process Of Estimating Property ValuesProperty values are a moving target. They are important to buyers and sellers because everyone wants to get the best deal possible. Sellers want to get as much money for their investment while buyers do not want to overpay for a home. There are a lot of factors that play a role in property values including the economy, the number of people looking for homes, new home construction, schools, the job market, and more. How do real estate agents estimate the value of a home?

How Much Will Someone Pay For A Home?

The market value of a home is the amount of money someone is willing to pay for that home. This is how real estate agents estimate the value of the home. He or she will usually take a look at similarly priced homes in the area (sometimes in the same neighborhood) to see what those homes are selling for. Then, the price per square foot will be applied to that specific home to calculate its value.

Often, real estate agents use the past six months as a guideline; however, if there has not been much action, agents might go back further. Agents will usually draw a radius of one mile to ensure homes are similar; however, some homes, such as luxury homes, are harder to compare.

A Professional Appraiser Is Usually Involved

Sometimes, home values are calculated by a professional appraiser who is typically hired by a lender. Lenders want to make sure they will get their money back if the home sells in the future. If the buyer is paying more than the appraiser says it is worth, then the lender might ask the buyer to put more money down before financing it.

Real Estate Agents Could Ask For More Information

Real estate agents might also ask homeowners for more information. If one house stands out on the comps sheet, the agent might ask the homeowner what happened. What makes this house different? Is the location different? Did the home sell as furnished? All of this is important for helping realtors ensure they are doing the best possible job in guiding their clients in the right direction. Some sales may still require the help of a licensed appraiser.