I had a conversation with my Dad this morning about how quickly time moves. I turned 40 in June of 2022 and although it wasn’t a major shock to the system what is shocking is how quickly I have approached 41. I have always kind of joked around about how fast time moves and that it seemingly moves quicker and quicker. It’s not much of a joke anymore though. It’s flying by and it causes me to take pause and think about what’s important and where focus should be.

I hate to be cliche but it’s all very short, the time we have here. Spend it with those you love, work to make the world a better place (or at least your community), fill your heart with the joy of being selfless and definitely don’t spend your time doing things that make you miserable. I’m in no way advocating for never doing things that make you uncomfortable or things that are difficult. I’m simply stating the rate race is over rated, scrolling social media is a waste of time… don’t let it pass you by and look up and find out that it’s February of 2024… already.

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