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February Already?

I had a conversation with my Dad this morning about how quickly time moves. I turned 40 in June of 2022 and although it wasn’t a major shock to the system what is shocking is how quickly I have approached 41. I have always kind of joked around about how fast time moves and that […]

This week in Mortgage

The week ahead: Tuesday: New Appreciation Readings for November from the Case Shiller HPI and FHFA HPI Wednesday: Mortgage Apps, ADP Employment Report, JOLTs, Fed Statement/Press Conference Thursday: Initial Jobless Claims, Job Cuts Report, Jobs Report Strategy Friday: BLS Jobs Report for January   What it all means: We are expected to have another Fed […]

Get off the Fence!

Today is that Day! If you have been sitting on the fence waiting for the market to crash or because interest rates are high… today is the day. If you start paying attention to the economic factors that affect the interest rates and stop simply following mainstream media you’ll see that rates are coming back […]


Don’t leave your decisions to only what you read in the news. Do your Homework! If you haven’t heard of or read about an inverted yield spread now is the time to get familiar. An inverted yield spread is an economic indicator that can predict a coming recession. This is absolutely vital for you to […]

How’s your vision?

A Story of how Short Sighted viewpoints can skew the world you see I won’t go into full detail of how narrowing my vision of a certain situation caused a major headache as I do prefer to have some semblance of privacy. I will do my best to paint you a picture of how trying […]

Should you buy right now?

What’s your financial THEORY? The most common question I get asked no matter what the market is doing is “Should I buy right now?” The answer isn’t simple. Most of my responses to this are either questions or lawyer speak. What are you trying to accomplish. What are your short term and long term goals. […]

Have you unplugged yet?

Are there benefits to setting limits for Electronics in your house? Recently my wife and I noticed a frustrating pattern of what can only be called addiction in our boys when it comes to electronics. This means video games, television, phone apps, internet and social media. We started to notice that the boys had a […]

We Need Your Help!

No one gets where they want to go ALONE As we continue to shift our focus away from automated content and shift back to the type of content that is interesting, helpful and hopefully captivating it can be difficult to know all “the things”, as my wife would say. The plan with the blog moving […]

Fear of Cancellation

How Much Risk is Too Much Risk? It goes without saying that I don’t have the kind of popularity or market share to truly have a concern for cancellation of any sort of real scale. However, I can only imagine that I’m not alone in feeling like I have some things to say. I’m not […]