A Story of how Short Sighted viewpoints can skew the world you see

I won’t go into full detail of how narrowing my vision of a certain situation caused a major headache as I do prefer to have some semblance of privacy. I will do my best to paint you a picture of how trying to see all angles and being open to other options can be time consuming but it can help you get to your goals without unnecessary strife and pain.

My wife and I are looking to make some major changes in our life to simplify things and get to doing the things we most enjoy. In this process we have made some decisions to really shake things up to start pushing towards those goals. Most of these decisions are based in finances and I had a very narrow vision of how this should work. I’m beyond thankful that my wife is patient and understanding as she let’s me kind of work through these things.

As I’m working to reconfigure our finances and push to accomplish some items we decided to take on I had an epiphany that showed how short sighted I was being. Once I allowed myself to look beyond my initial idea and be open to other ideas that maybe weren’t the first or even my idea at all… I found a way to save us almost a thousand dollars a month and replenish our savings almost overnight. This is a lesson in humility and patience. The first I have in spades but the second I have none. I want to go go go go! This can be great in some instances but in others it can narrow your vision so far that you don’t do the research and the thinking necessary to feel good and confident in what you’re doing.

Be self aware and humble enough to slow down a bit, ask for help and consider opposing views. It will save you time, it will save you money and it may even save your relationships. Keep pushing forward but don’t forget to re-evaluate!

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