How Much Risk is Too Much Risk?

It goes without saying that I don’t have the kind of popularity or market share to truly have a concern for cancellation of any sort of real scale. However, I can only imagine that I’m not alone in feeling like I have some things to say. I’m not looking to say them in a way for any reason other than feeling like a perspective based in consideration, curiosity and growth is no more dangerous than any other ideology.

I have for years wanted to write a book. The plan for the book is one of an extended term as it is going to take a long time to accomplish it with the type of truth and depth that I see for it. That idea has morphed and changed over time. No less than a year ago I wanted to finish the book and push it forward but have grown to realize that if it’s going to be what I need it to be I had to stop and allow it ferment and evolve through the life experiences that I’m pushing towards.

In the meantime with the new plan for the book I needed an outlet for these thoughts and feelings. I’m torn. I want this to be the place as it can serve multiple purposes. I can have an outlet to put thoughts into the world and it can, at minimum, provide a place to vent and release data in my brain to allow for new ones and evolutions of old ones. It can help me grow my business and help my family reach the goals we have for ourselves. I know to my core that my work is based on relationships and genuine relationships are not only easier but they are more fruitful. The problem exists though that there is anxiety over how I speak and how I think.

Is that going to cause issues for me in my work? If you’ve done business with me then you will disagree with that. Being myself has allowed for growth I could have never imagined. I want to write in the same way I speak and think. I’m not fearful of whether or not what I have to say is ethical or considerate or would actually be creating waves of negativity. However, our culture doesn’t exactly operate in this manner of common sense right now. Is the necessity of having a voice that is truly your own worth possibly risking a career and life that you’ve been working on… well, all your life? Hopefully that answer will come to light in working through this process.

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