No one gets where they want to go ALONE

As we continue to shift our focus away from automated content and shift back to the type of content that is interesting, helpful and hopefully captivating it can be difficult to know all “the things”, as my wife would say. The plan with the blog moving forward is going to touch on daily things, mental ramblings and many other things that are not mortgage and/or real estate. We want to still provide valid and updated information to help you with all things mortgage and real estate. These items will be sprinkled into this blog but to ensure we are hitting on the items that are important to you, we are asking you tell us what you want to get more information on. What are things you want to learn, myths you want us to verify or dispell, products, programs, credit… tell us what you want to know so we can start to work towards a more viable blog that better suits the needs of the people we serve.

I know, everyone and every company is vying for your eyeballs and attention. We aren’t different but we want to do it in a way that is organic and gives you some semblance of control in the information we provide. It can be difficult, at times, to make sound decisions on the information we put in the world because we are in this industry. Help us by giving us your outside perspective and push us forward as we continue to grow and learn how to best help you.

Please send any topics, questions or anything else you want to see us write about even if it’s not mortgage or real estate related and we will put it on the calendar to get that out to you and the world! Thanks Everyone!

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