Day two, it’s not much… but it’s not nothing either.

Here we are, day two. I have to be honest that I’m beyond happy and amazed with myself for getting back here and doing this again. I have struggled with feeling and telling myself that I was lazy for my whole adult life. I have spent the time over the last year trying to redefine what that feeling meant, where it comes from and most importantly: how to fix it. I’m not celebrating just yet as things change. There are new challenges every day that throw a wrench into the plans that I put into place.

At the beginning of 2022 I recognized that what I lacked in many areas of my personal life, outside of work, was consistency. And to a certain extent it was also affecting my work. It took me an entire year to realize that the word I was focusing on wasn’t the root cause of my problems. It was a problem and maybe “the” problem. However, it was too broad and generic a term to really get down to the basics of why I was struggling in so many areas of my life.

I did some deep diving, some soul searching and some reading. What I found is that the root cause of nearly every issue that I have is a lack of discipline. The lack of discipline can be, in part, can be derived from a weak mental mindset. Now I know that this is still quite general and is going to require a lot more thinking and a ton more work. Work that isn’t a today thing, or a off and on thing. This is work that will never end as life isn’t easy. It’s not supposed to be easy.

I am working to build a mentality that includes a lot of clichés. I want to learn and embrace enjoying the journey, embrace the suck! I want to build a frame work in my mind of positivity and not allowing things that don’t go according to plan to ruin the path or the forward momentum. Life is going to throw shit at you and I know you have experience that immediate roller coaster feeling of accomplishing something big or getting to a place where you feel like you’ve finally figured it all out and then BOOM!… the next minute shit has hit the fan and everything changes. I want that explosion to create new and exciting experiences rather than ruining the mind frame, killing momentum and creating a rut that takes time to get out of. It’s time to get to work and stop living a mediocre life. You can’t define that for me… but right now neither can I. Day two in the books, here we go.

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