An Overview Of A Deed Of ReconveyanceWhen someone purchases a house, they might have to take out a loan. Because a house is expensive, most people end up with a mortgage. Some people decide to go with a 15-year mortgage while other people decide to go with a 30-year mortgage. Eventually, after all these years, someone might receive a deed of reconveyance. What does this mean, and how does it work? 

Homeowners Own The House, But With a Lien

After purchasing a house, homeowners legally own the house, even if they have financing tied to a mortgage. Even if someone purchases a home with only 3.5 percent down, they own that house, but there might be a mortgage lien to it. What this means is that the mortgage has to be paid off when the house is sold. Or, the lender has to agree to a short sale. Once the loan is paid off, that mortgage lien is removed. To remove the lien, the lender will issue something called a deed of reconveyance.

How Does This Deed Work?

Laws can vary from state to state, most jurisdictions require the lender to submit a deed of reconveyance to the borrower within 30 or 60 days of the mortgage being paid off. In some cases, the lender will send the notice directly to the homeowner. Then, the homeowner has to contact the county to record it. Homeowners might be required to work with the county to get the deed of reconveyance recorded. Otherwise, they could face a penalty. 

What Happens When Selling a Home?

If the mortgage has not yet been paid off and the home is sold, the proceeds from the buyer need to be used to pay off the mortgage. Then, the seller collects the money left over. Once the mortgage is paid off at closing, the title company usually handles the deed of reconveyance. 

It is important for homeowners to have a deed of reconveyance if they pay off the mortgage before they sell the house. Sometimes, if the home is owned by the homeowner outright, it can make for an easier sale. This is another reason why homeowners should work with a real estate agent when they go to sell their homes.